Pso2 elder rifle potential

Hiya, Yas V here! Older or harder to obtain weapons can be found on the Honorable Mentions page. Only the rifle has a decent potential; the launcher has a terrible potential and is practically only for raw stats. Current best Rifles to aim for. Breakdown of Rifles with Stationary or Mobile Fire activated.

pso2 elder rifle potential

Thanks NA! Current best Launchers to aim for. Breakdown of the current Launchers. Drops in various quests on Ultra Hard, or purchased from the player shops. Highly recommended to grab a Dim Launcher for general mobbing purposes, as Dim Rifle is superseded by Awake Larc for bossing.

The Fonte is a new addition to the lineup and already has a strong showing with its potential and overall average baseline damage. Ranger has no issues doing enough damage AND has no issues sheathing weapons due to using traps. Obtainable as a exchange through the Cobalt Medal shop, or as a drop from The Piper of Disharmony featured quest. Obtainable through various events, and drops in Special Training: Episode 5 trigger.

Novel is the only other S4 supportive weapon currently available with weapon stats above Atlas Ex at face value. However, it only supports S4 so compared to the other it does not have access to extra damage or utility SSAs. Novel is quite easy to obtain as a one-time freebie, with enough strength even without additional SSA slots. For those already with a Lightstream or Atlas Ex, a suggested use of this is an off-element weapon or S4 utility. For those without one of those two, or simply looking for collection Novel is a nice filler or trophy piece.

Gix already had 2 brothers, but these two are the half siblings. Both Puras and Stil are the pinnacle of high reward currently in endgame while having an all-or- almost -nothing potential based on receiving damage that is more forgiving than the Gix family. Only obtainable by trading in the matching weapon type of the Celestial series along with the Circular Amphitrite Stone.

With 3 SSA slots available, Lightstream boasts one of the highest base attack out of any weapons currently in the game. Obtained through Zeig as the upgrade of the Novel series. Liberate has higher base attack than Lightstream and has a good potential.

However the launcher S5 Firey Zero boasts immense power, compared to Exium Bunker it has almost more base attack making this thing a nuke with Zero Distance. A solid choice for Rifle would be Mysterious Intent or Anthesis Cultivation, while launcher can maintain its native one.

This weapon series allows you to pick and choose 4 S-Class effects only 3 on the non-upgrade version. Rifle Immunity to knock back attacks when standing still after some time You still have the choice to pick and choose whichever fits your playstyle. What are S-Class abilities? Read here to find out. The Atlas Ex series is the upgraded version of the Atlas line of weapons. Launcher has always been a nuke and the Atlas Volare makes that statement stand.

The rifle tier list now reflects only the Plus version of the potential. The Million silver and Krisa gold series are both identical in terms of stats and the drop-only Krisa series is purely a cosmetic difference similar to Zeinesis and Qliphad. What this weapon offers is yet another freebie weapon through badges with a bit of an interesting potential and a damage topping out around current gear.

Recover HP upon an successful attack HP. Its value is also lowered a bit due to Hunter or Etoile subs already having ample amounts of safety nets.Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript.

As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Mind the distinction of Ranged Damage because the kick during Impact Slider counts as Melee Damage, and these potentials do not effect Techs that you may use if you are subbing a class that can use Techs.

AndrlCh what about the potentials for the Aura weapons? Here you go:. AndrlCh thank you very much! I personally went with Astral and Weaponoid potential for now, but hard to say if that was the better choice or not. AndrlCh that would explain the price. Pretty sure that is higher than the bonus from standing snipe, isn't it? Only downside is the two stronger rifle PAs require being immobile, unless you can double-jump charge photonic to count as "moving" or something.

Actually, since Stationary Fire requires you to be completely immobile for 1 second before it activates and it only matters when you initiate the PA, you might have just enough wiggle room for Positron Blast and Satellite Aim to count as "moving".

I might do some testing with the Stationary Mark Ring to verify this. It's not the same weapon in NA, but the potential is the same. This means the elder rifle is only as strong as the uwb weapons and better for tainted enemies once the ultimate buster augment comes out.

I have been saving up for this rifle. Is it still wise to invest in this rifle or wait for the next weapons to arrive? People keep saying that Elder rifle still slightly beats the new weapons.

Not sure what to do now as I am stll using Nox rifle. Dunetwss advantage of Elder is that it is easy to acquire and is still very strong. Especially with a lot of these current bosses that don't allow you to stand still anyways. Advanced Search Page 1 of 2.

PSO2 Builds Guide

This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. I am a Ranger. What is the most powerful assault Rifle in the Game???

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pso2 elder rifle potential

Not sure if the old drop info is correct for the Aura weapons.EXP Boost I. Precise Discharge. Zero Effort. Spirit Collector. Big Vardha Lv. Precise Discharge Mutation I. Za Oodan Lv. Spargun Lv. Red Recalescence. Crushing Blow. Immediate Strike. Rappy Lv. Lovey Rappy Lv. Enraged Stance. Caterdra'n Lv. Rex Lv. Dragon Hunter Determination. Immediate Strike Mutation I.

Butterflies, Wind, Petals, Ideographs. Shiny Stone Shop. Negative Hunter. Oceanid Hunter. Crest of Carnage Phantom Bullet. Precise Discharge Sure-Strike Assault. Machine Hunter. Negative Hunter Festering Poison. Immediate End Homing Shot. Immediate Strike Spirited Anchored Barrel. Machine Hunter Concealed Shooting. Body II Discerning Eye. Splendid Recovery Native Hunter.

Grenade Shot. Blundarl Lv. Noiya Nyau Lv. Freeze IV Shackles of Ice.Just gonna note down whatever useful stuff people have found out about this update. These new collection files are primarily progressed through Buster Quests.

The potential works a little bit like the old Ares one in that its power scales based on your Dark Blast gauge instead of Photon Blast. It also boosts the rate at which you build your Dark Blast gauge and increases the amount of time you can use it for.

pso2 elder rifle potential

If the answer to both of these is yes then these are actually good weapons even if they do take some warming up to get to full power. Outside of low-attack weapons these ought to be competitive with Clifford weapons in overall performance at max power, of course.

For now it only covers a few weapon types, but it feels like a safe bet that we will be getting other Dark Blast types at a later point. The weapons released so far are based on the current Dark Blast Elder type in appearance, so the others may be based on their respective Falz types as well.

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There are 18 weapon types in the game, so 13 more to cover which could easily be spread out among the remaining three Falz types. A brand new weapon that has a low chance of dropping from Advance Quests included in the current Arks Boost Road which is Skyscape, Ruins and Facility.

However, unlike Elder Pain in its day, which was more a gimmick than anything, this weapon is actually solidly practical. This is attack higher than Demonia Saber and higher than Akatsuki, the other star swords.

Now the thing with S-atk that high on a weapon is it benefits from elemental bonuses much more than lower attack weapons. Below is a chart made with the damage calculator with credit to RoboArks for the original chart. So it slightly beats out Qliphad but also has the benefit of making you near immortal while using it.

The damage comparison works out to something like this with thanks to NextTime for running these numbers. This potential is sort of curious but perhaps not that useful on a Rifle.

It just might be too awkward to satisfy its condition with this particular weapon type. An interesting potential mechanically but one that has to be maintained actively.

On the plus side, if the enemy has lots of multi-hitting attacks you could actually max this potential out quickly though Charge Parry as each hit counts as a Just-Guard. To unlock it for your characters, either clear Episode 5 Chapter 2 or clear the Endless Belligerence quest on Super Hard or above at least once. This unlocks it for your account. This means aside catching Endless Belligerence or any Falz raid the most effective way to level up this particular Dark Blast is by hitting up the Ruins Advance Quest on either difficulty.

Exp you earn will go into an account-wide EXP pool. Between that and only having a minute every quest to learn how to play it has made exploring this feature awkward. It gets some crazy air with its double-jump however and between its jump-kick and Physical Dash it can cover an enormous amount of ground quickly. My early impressions are that Tyrant Strike is your gap-closer with pretty respectable AoE to boot. Punishment Knuckle is a pretty good frontal AoE attack useful for dealing heavy damage to piles of enemies at once.

One thing to be aware of is even though it has a lot of HP, Dark Blast: Elder is surprisingly fragile, with a meager amount of defense stats. Skip to content Just gonna note down whatever useful stuff people have found out about this update.

Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Full Cylinder. Steady Fire Mutation I. Yasminokov 3R.

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Lambda Schwann. Precision Strike Mutation I. Garongo Lv. Arao Cylinder. Deo Tigridore. Weiss Phoenix. Infinite Corundum. Ancient Oath Alter Tyro. Danse Macabre Precision IV. Rising Weapons Badge Shop 1. Dil Colette. Distant Hands Precision IV. Dark Falz Elder Lv. Astral Riser. Unique Weapons Badge Exchange. Honed Blessings Astral Soul. Rising Weapons Badge Shop 2. Shot Revolsio. Yasminokov 7V. Gal Gryphon Lv. Frog Rappy Lv. Spirited Ascension Sentence Precision. Anga Phandaj Lv.


Nemesis Shooter. Corruption Investigation: Naverius. Slave Shooter. Shield of Temptation Spirit VI. Corruption Investigation: Lillipa. Redirected from Rifles List. We are still missing drop lists for weapons and photon arts. Please help contribute to our database! Categories : Equipment Weapons Assault Rifles. This page was last edited on 29 Juneat All rights to the copyrighted works images, data, audios, texts, etc.

All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners Privacy policy About Arks-Visiphone Disclaimers.Drop Mechanics. Enemy Weak Spots. Classes Hunter. Weapons and PAs. Sword PAs. Wired Lance PAs. Partisan PAs. Twin Dagger PAs. Double Saber PAs. Knuckle PAs. Gunslash PAs. Katana PAs. Dual Blade PAs. Assault Rifle PAs. Launcher PAs. TMG PAs. Bullet Bow PAs. Jet Boot PAs.

Wanda PAs. Torim PAs.


Cery PAs. Fire Technics. Ice Technics. Bolt Technics. Wind Technics. Light Technics. Dark Technics. Combined Technics. Units Rear Units. Arm Units. Leg Units. Sub Units. Set Bonus Full Stats.

Skill Rings. Enhancements Grinding. Tech Customize. Temporary Ability Installation. XQ ore, AQ Stones, and Planetary stones are separate drops; they can drop concurrently with another item dropped by that enemy. When an enemy is defeated the first drop chance is decided by the enemy's current level. Higher level enemies have a chance.Contained herein will be stat comparisons between races and genders, mag raising, class descriptions, and skill point allocation. All that changes is your starting equipment and costume, plus you will have a couple Photon Arts or Technics already learnt.

Nothing missible, in any case. One major difference is that Casts are the only race that can equip costume parts, and are also the only race that cannot wear recolorable costumes. Certain outfits can be used by all races, but these ones come in set colors.

Costumes are split by gender as well. You can also spend real money for Arks Cash AC to get even more, but these are not slots, so deleting one will not allow you to create another for free unless you have less than two total characters.

Each character will level each of their own classes separately from your other characters, but will share a common storage where you can deposit items and meseta.

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Most notably, they will each get their own mag for free, which you otherwise must pay AC to get more than one. With that in mind, it can be a good idea to split the kinds of classes you want to play across two characters rather than trying to do everything with only one.

One other perk for having multiple characters is each one has separate Client Orders COsa form of request from NPCs, so you can unlock highly rewarding or repeatable ones to level up or earn meseta much faster than normal. Each class also has varying stats, which can be important when deciding on a subclass or simply give you a general idea of how the class may perform.

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All related passive skills will stack, and you can freely use active skills from either class. This includes defeating monsters, emergency trial rewards, or turning in COs. You might even be able to get more EXP by turning in high level COs on a high level class rather than having the rewards scaled down when turning them in after switching to a low level.

Note that a subclass stops gaining EXP in this way once it reaches 20 levels away from the current level cap, regardless of the level of your main class at the time. Currently the level cap is 70, so you stop gaining bonus EXP at Class Descriptions and Skill Trees. Detailed below is a short description for each of the various classes in the game and one or more possible skill builds that attempt to best achieve a certain playstyle or role.

Spend or Hoard Badges \u0026 Astracite in PSO2?

The builds provided are certainly not the only way to play, however careful consideration has gone into the various choices involved in order to maximize efficiency.

Take note of the point progression and overall effectiveness of the skills you might want to take instead of the ones suggested here. The border on some skills indicates whether it is learned by default green or if it only takes effect on your main class red.

The gaps within the skills are there to better display the unlock requirements for other skills. Once you reach such a break point, you can either continue to level that skill or start learning a new one.